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As a registered dietitian, we work closely with a number of experienced consultants across a range of specialisations such as dermatology, gastroenterology, oncology, hepatology and cardiologists. This enables us to provide our patients with a rounded and holistic approach to cover their different needs.

We run workshops and courses on nutrition and diet as well as speaking at events. Email us for details 

At Rhodes Health we provide specialist expert advice and treatment on diet and nutrition. We offer a highly personalised service tailored to the individual’s needs and circumstances.


Our expertise covers a whole range of conditions including diabetes, food intolerances, digestive disorders and malabsorption and we can help with maintaining a balanced diet, weight management and healthy eating in general.

"I believe diet is the Secret to a happy life"

Learn what to eat with Orli

Fruit and vegetables not chopped Rhodes

One to One


We offer online diet support or we can meet at our clinic

King Edward VII Hospital, London


Diagnostic Tests

Non - Invasive Breath Tests

  • Lactose Intolerance

  • Fructose Malabsorption

  • SIBO - Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth

Talks and


Public speaking and education

  • Schools

  • Corporate

  • Special events


Online Dietitian and weight loss coach, London

A diet coach and healthy lifestyle coach

Orli Rhodes is one of the best nutritionists in London. She has over 15 years experience working with the NHS and numerous health insurance groups such as Bupa and Vitality. Orli Rhodes learnt everything there is to know about diet and wellness through her partnered health clinic; King Edward VII's Hospital, Marylebone, London. 

Orli really specialises in the holistic understanding and connection between lifestyle, what you eat and when you eat it. 

Who is Orli’s perfect client / patient? 

All of Orli’s healthy eating clients have one thing in common. They all want to improve their lifestyle and general health. Whether it’s losing belly fat or learning how to create healthy balanced meals Orli will help you learn about the human body and how different recipes can be used to give your body the fuel it needs and the flavours you deserve. 

If you're looking for a personalised, tailored diet plans then Orli Rhodes is the perfect nutritionist in London to support this change. 

Discrete, professional and personalised online diet support

Orli is one of the best nutritionists near you, and is now offering online consultations and online diet support for people that struggle to find and prepare healthy natural meals that help you lose weight. 

Orli is incredibly professional and can help diagnose any food intolerances you have and is highly recommended by NHS hospitals such as… and established insurance groups such as Vitality and Bupa. 

This means diet and nutritional help with Rhodes Health is never judgemental. Orli is discrete and happy to go at your own pace. 

What Does Orli Specialise in? 

Orli specialies in designing personalised diets for her clients that help them enjoy eating,

There are over 10 million different diets out there and Orli helps choose the right one for you. This means that Orli’s speciality comes down to; Listening! 

After working with 100s of different patients in the past Orli has become an expert in creating easy to maintain and tailored products. 



  • A weight loss adviser

  • A weight gain adviser

  • Post operation recovery 

  • Personalised diet coaching

  • Learn what to eat and when to eat in order to lose weight 

  • 2 -  4 week diet plans and long term diet plans for weight loss

  • Helps you lose belly fat


  • Gastrointestinal Conditions

  • Cardiovascular

  • Pre and post surgery

  • Food allergies and intolerances

  • Metabolic disorders

  • Mood and fatigue

  • Weight management 

  • Women's health

  • Men's health

  • Healthy ageing

  • Healthy eating

1 to 1 Diet Advice Pricing

Parent and Child at the Supermarket

Initial Call

Duration: 15 minutes

This initial diet consultation is all about me learning about you and your lifestyle, and consider the next steps



Woman Preparing Food

1 to 1 Call

Duration: 1 hour

We will now go into depth and we can discuss all the possible ways of adjusting your diet using my 20+ years of nutritional experience and 100s of previous diet patients. 



Happy Childhood

Follow Ups

Duration: 1 hour

My goal is for you to become self sufficient, however - I'm always here to continue and support you, until you feel that you have achieved your goals



Examples of hand crafted meal creations

Busy Day

Granola Yogurt

3 cups


3 cups


2 tsp.

Organic Yogurt

1 cup


2 tsp.


6 tsp.


1½ cups


2 tsp.


£0.20 per person

About this Breakfast

Student Athlete

Healthy Weight Loss athlete meal designe

3 cups


3 cups



Sweet potatoes

1 cup





Free range egg

1½ cups



Low fat beef mince

£3.60 per person

About this recovery boost

This is just the ideal breakfast for most busy people. Orli designed this meal with a client with 2 young children and a full time occupation. This client also liked to cycle to keep fit but found that they ran out of energy leading up to lunch. She found herself snacking and then not being hungry for lunch...This meal is designed to fill you with a morning boost without consuming time or too much money. 

This meal was designed for one of my client's sons called Max. He had a tight weekly budget and records to set on the rowing machine in the gym. This meal is designed to give max a large protein and energy boost for rest days. The egg and mince give his muscles the building blocks for repair and the tomatoes and sweet potatoes provide healthy antioxidants and carbohydrates so his muscles have the energy to perform.

Shopping list nutrition design with Orli

How we do it

Control your life with your shopping lists


Improving your diet with Orli Rhodes is all about learning how to analyse your lifestyle and adapt your diet to suit your needs and goals. 

Food, is the building blocks of YOU

Use food to help create a you that can enjoy the flavours of life and the kitchen!

Orli has a wealth of experience helping patients overcome an array of different nutritional obstacles.



What we did >

Client of Rhodes Health - Weight loss -

Orli taught me how to eat around my training sessions so that I could enjoy sport and cake at the same time. Thank you Orli!

Learn how Orli helped Rachel to make the most of her training.


What we did >

Brian Client of Rhodes Health.jpg

I always struggled to stay under a certain weight. Orli's advice taught me how to shop in order to fill the fridge with food that worked for me. I also managed to save money by making more cost effective meals for the family. 

Learn how Orli helped Brian hit his weight goals.

What we did >

At the Gym

I went to the gym 3 times a week but I didn't see results until Orli showed me that the "timing" of my eating was holding me back. With more reliable meal times and lower calorie food, I hit my goals and ran my local 10km in Richmond!


Learn how Orli helped Barbara control her meal times


Remedied a busy full-on schedule and bad advice

Goal: to learn about the clients life and habits so that Orli can recommend diet plan. Orli learnt that the client had been badly informed previously so we learn a lot of nutritional theory together. 

About the client: 

This was from a young lady.  She has two kids and she was following substandard advise such as juicing... she had low energy and wanted to lose weight.



"Just checking in with some meal pictures. I am feeling really positive! Loving the food. Feeling much fuller, much quicker and not thinking about food so much. I have made the granola and found some lower fat Greek yogurt. I love sour dough with olive oil and eggs and some veg.  Lunch and dinner has mainly been salads with roasted veg, beans or lentils or tofu or a little of what the others are having. I am drinking lots more water and feeling more aware of thirst. I normally find it hard to stick to portions of nuts or dark chocolate so I am utterly amazed to find I have only eaten half a bar over a week and a bit and stuck to the nut portions you suggested. The probiotic arrived too, so far so good. I have noticed the drop in energy and bloatedness eating any processed foods has. I had some pizza last night and haven’t felt as great today. 


I am walking more too!"

Solved on-going liver problems with food

Goal: to ask enough questions about the client to find out what could be giving him his liver problems. Orli used her wealth of experience to  resolve the client's discomfort. 

About the client

About A man in his mid forties - he complained of liver problems….answers he was looking for was found in food and the goal was to start him on a healthy life style for weight loss.


"I wondered whether we might have a follow up appointment? 

The weight loss has gone well. I've lost 10 % of my body weight (c 9kg) and over recent weeks have relaxed a little (the odd cheat meal or ice cream etc) as I am broadly happy with my weight and have been maintaining my weight between 82 and 83 kg. However I would be keen to discuss a couple of things with you. 

now that I am happy with the general weight I am keen to discuss what are the right things in the diet to relax vs stay the course on for general liver health."

Taught a time-poor young proffsional to thrive

Goal: To learn about the clients and what they think about food. Orli guides the client towards a healthier way of eating. 

About the client

This is a busy young professional, her work and life style made her put on weight and feel unwell often. She has seen a few nutritionist/dietitians before but it didn’t work before. Until she came to see me! 


"Thank you for your encouragement! I just happen to be watching an interesting diet programme on channel 4... so many diets out there! 

I’ve been getting on quite well with the diet, I like the fasting element but occasionally have been hungry around 8pm, so I’ll have a small snack and not beat myself up too much! I’ve not weighed myself, and am feeling a little less bloated. I’ve stuck to the dry Monday for 2 weeks and have been adding sparking water to g&t, plus sometimes having pastis with water instead, but have not been able to keep them within the 8 hours..."



Healthy cheeseboard_ex.jpg

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