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Lactose Intolerance

Diet Plan

These days, millions of people cannot digest specific milk products and sugar in milk called lactose. In case you are amongst them, that means you have lactose intolerance.

Though the condition is not at all harmful. However, it might be embarrassing and can be uncomfortable as well. There is no permanent cure; however, one can easily manage it following a proper lactose intolerance diet plan.

What Causes this Condition?

Both adults and children can have lactose intolerance. Here are common reasons for this specific condition:

  • In some cases, when small intestine stops to make lactase right after a disease or an injury or infection.

  • Lactose intolerance oftentimes runs in families. In such cases, over time the body of a person might produce a small amount of lactase enzyme.

  • Premature babies might not be capable of making enough lactase. Oftentimes this is a short-term issue, which goes away.

  • At times, newborn babies cannot produce lactase from the first day of their birth. Though it is a rare case.


Whatever be the cause of your lactose intolerance, make sure that you consult a professional to get a lactose free diet plan.


A Sample Menu for a Person who has Lactose Intolerance

If you want to lead a healthy and fit life, then you should follow lactose-free diet plans. Here you’ll get to see a sample lactose intolerance meal plan.

  • Early Morning: Herbal tea/lemon water – 1 cup

  • Breakfast:  100% lactose-free soya milk – 1 cup along with 1 tablespoon sugar. You can even have 2 slices of bread and 2 boiled eggs.

  • Mid-Morning:  You can have a glass of fresh juice or apiece of fruit as your mid-morning snack.

  • Lunch: You can have sandwiches made with bread with tinned fish like salmon or lean beef, and salad. You can have milk-free margarine. Fresh or tinned fruits. Tea, water, diluted juice.

  • Main Meal: Vegetable and chicken stir fry with steamed rice. Custard made with low lactose or soy milk or dairy-free ice cream.

Food Ingredients That Often Contain Lactose

  • Milk protein

  • Milk solids

  • Nonfat dry milk

  • Milk powder

  • Whey solids or protein

Maintain your Nutrition
















Reducing the dairy products or following a lactose diet plan never means you can never have enough calcium. In fact, calcium is found in other foods like:

  • Oranges

  • Milk substitutes like rice and soy milk

  • Canned salmon

  • Calcium-fortified like juices and bread

  • Spinach

  • Pinto beans

  • Broccoli


Also, make certain that you have enough vitamin D that is supplied in fortified milk. Next time when you will be going to meet your doctor to know about a low lactose diet plan, then don’t forget to ask him about taking calcium and vitamin D supplements.

Low Lactose Diet:


A low lactose diet means eating foods that do not have very much lactose. Patients here generally eliminate only milk and milk products. However, some can tolerate milk in small amounts (2 oz) throughout the day or as part of a meal. Some can tolerate small amounts of yogurt. These patients can experiment to find a level of lactose they can tolerate. Some people can build up their level of tolerance by gradually introducing the lactose-containing foods.

Lactose Free Diet Plan
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