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About Orli

Where it all started

Orli’s interest in food was awakened at an early age by the time she spent in her grandparents’ farm, where she helped take care of the cows and chickens and grow the orchards and vineyards. Her grandmother and mother were amazing cooks who passed on their love of food to her and taught her to be an instinctive cook. Ever since childhood, Orli has been passionate about the importance of nutrition and diet.


Orli's Writing

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Orli's Proffesional Background

Orli Rhodes is an HCPC registered dietitian with over 25 years of experience. After graduating from King’s College London, she worked at the London Clinic in Harley Street for 20 years and now runs her own clinic at King Edward VII hospital in Marylebone as well at My Health Clinic in Fulham. Orli also holds a postgraduate diploma in stress and health from Roehampton University.

Orli’s areas of expertise as a dietitian and nutritionist include gastroenterology, stress and health, the effects of your diet on the immune system, age specific changes, women’s health, food intolerances, malabsorption and deficiencies, and sport diet. She has many years of experience in weight management, diabetes and healthy eating. Orli has developed an excellent professional network and has worked closely with a number of highly regarded consultants across a whole range of specialisations, including dermatology, gastroenterology, oncology, and hepatology.

"Fall in Love with food again"


Orli's Relationship with Food

Orli provides each patient with the knowledge needed to implement the necessary changes to their diet and manage their long-term health with confidence. Maintaining a healthy diet requires an understanding of where food comes from, food labelling, and how food is prepared. Orli educates her patients on understanding how to best manage their choice of foods from the diverse range available to us today while remaining healthy. Orli also provides nutritional advice to professional chefs.

Cooking at home with and for her husband and 2 grown-up children, each with their own particular dietary needs, means that Orli is very aware of the challenges in keeping to and providing for a dietary regime. She gives expert and practical advice that also covers the everyday needs of shopping and cooking methods to meet the particular requirements. Her patients receive ongoing support and the right tools for them to maintain a healthy diet.

Book an Online Consultation Today

Olri Rhodes now offers a free initial diet consultation followed by several diet coaching and adjustment sessions. This can all be done online with frequent catch ups and by sharing what you buy and eat using email and your phone camera. 

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