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Online & telephone diet support with Orli Rhodes


Due to the recent events with COVID 19 we have all been spending more time indoors with our loved ones. We find ourselves queuing outside the supermarket or picking the perfect delivery spot online as we stay safe and stay inside. It’s been a time to reflect on many aspects of life and one might find themselves being more aware of what we put in our bodies

Does your stomach feel “not quite right”? Are you finding that “ready meals” aren't giving you the boost you need? Are you craving certain meals or cuisines?

Learn about your diet and how it's affecting your life today.

Why speak to Orli Rhodes? 

Orli’s particular areas of interest as a dietitian and nutritionist include gastroenterology, stress and health, the effects on the immune system, age specific changes, women’s health, food intolerances, food malabsorption, deficiencies and sporting recovery.

Orli Rhodes graduated in 1988 and has over 20 years experience as a professional dietician.

King Edward V11's Hospital and Rhodes He

Backed by Bupa. Orli Rhodes has long term partnership with Bupa healthcare.

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Invest in you - invest in health

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Get expert advice online

Plan your weekly shops

Avoid foods your may be intolerant to

Use natural food to get the boost you deserve

Build the perfect shopping list

Orli's goal is to give you the tools to unlock diet freedom 

Webcam or phone call

Diet Plan & Learning

Progress and 1:1 advice

An online consultation typically lasts for 60 minutes. We discuss various areas of your life, background, eating habits and work life balance. We go through when you eat, how fast you eat and what food groups you enjoy.

This where we will use what we have learnt about diet and well-being to adjust your eating habits. 

This is the most important step to take back control of your body and how it feels. Frequent online catch ups and reviews help you stay on track. 

Taco Creator

Orli Rhodes' Pillars of diet Freedom

Learn about you 

Orli Rhodes has developed nutritional knowledge over the past 20 years. However, every human being is different and reacts differently to different foods and lifestyles. Orli aims to build a long term, personal connection with every client as this is the secret to lasting results.

Learn about Diet 

Planet earth grows over 400,000 species of plant. We tend to only eat around 200 species of plant. Each plant contains around 5-  18 elements that all react differently with our bodies. The goal is to learn what does and doesn't work with your body

Tell Orli more about you

"The initial free coversation typically lasts 15-30 minutes"

Have you spoken to a nutriotionst before?
What online chat platform do you prefer?

Thank you - We will be in touch

Do you feel pain after I have eaten certain meals?

Do you think you are intolerant to something but not know what it is? 

Do you have an important event coming up? 

Do you feel tired in the middle of the day?

Have you been referred to by a doctor?

Have you been inspired by someone else? 

Feel lost in the super market? Don't know what to buy?

Use your diet to control your weight and your life

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